Creating Unique Jewelry That Connects With Your Soul


I design from the heart, with your soul in mind.

Jackie Reid, Jewelry Designer

Jackie Reid Jewelry Designs began as many jewelry designer stories do. Jackie wanted new jewelry and wondered if she could make it herself. Attempting a new craft was always energizing and inspiring to Jackie, so she dove in and took a class at a local bead store in Carrboro, NC. “I remember watching the teacher wire wrap a loop and asking with amazement how she made it so perfect? She looked blankly at me and replied ‘Practice’. So, practice I did!”

At the time, Jackie was a mother to a toddler and working in mental health. Creating jewelry initially for herself, she received compliments from coworkers and requests for jewelry. Soon, lunch time at work became jewelry viewing in the conference room. Jackie spent more and more of her free time creating jewelry, inspired endlessly by various color combinations and visual balance. This was by far her favorite artistic endeavor yet. One day, Jackie’s son was playing nearby and asked her, “momma, do you wish you could stay at home and make jewelry all day?” While that seemed impossible at the time, it was that moment that planted the seed for what was to become JRJ Designs.

Jackie creates jewelry from the heart, with an emotion, feeling or state of mind guiding her. “Sometimes, I sit for a while with a special stone that I feel drawn to. I focus on how it makes me feel and think. There is often a personal message in my designs that I hope others connect to. My Super Star Collection came from my own intention to focus on my strengths and acknowledge all of my special and unique qualities. My hope is that this collection inspires other women to recognize their own Super Star quality.