Creating Unique Jewelry That Connects With Your Soul. 


Follow Your Heart

Hearts can symbolize many things to different people. It can represent someone you’ve lost, someone you love or simply the reminder that love exists and that you are loved. When you gift a heart to someone, you are sharing a simple yet kind gesture that lets someone know they are special to you. When you follow your heart, you find your authentic self. This collection is a reminder to follow your heart, whatever that means for you.


Love Wins

This collection was inspired by a hand painted sign that I often drive past in Chapel Hill, NC. It sits on the side of country road, and is painted in rainbow colors. It reads, “DO NOT GIVE UP! YOU ARE IMPORTANT. LOVE WINS”. This collection is a reminder to never give up on what, who or how you love. Because in the end, LOVE WINS.



Super Star

This Super Star collection began with a single earring that was missing its mate. I sat with this star and tried to find some meaning and inspiration, drawing from my own life. I recalled all of the obstacles and challenges I have overcome and all of the friends, family and acquaintances that helped me on my journey. The result was a combination of beautiful, meaningful gemstones in varied colors that came together to support this star. A simple reminder that everything and everyone in our lives helps us on our journey to become our version of a SUPER STAR.